Kohn School Office Building

TIK TOK CHALLENGE-Parent Information

Good evening parents.  We in Tulare City Schools take the safety of staff and students as our top priority.    It has come to our attention that another national Tik Tok challenge encouraging threats of violence has been circulating nationally.  Although there have been no threats made to any schools in Tulare, we are sending this information, not to alarm you, but to inform you we are aware of this challenge and are working in partnership with the Tulare Police Department to ensure the safety of our staff and students.
Please use this as a “teachable moment” and remind your children that bringing weapons to school or making any threat at a public school, business or other establishment is never a joke. Please continue talking to your children about the seriousness of threats and how the unacceptable use of social media platforms can not only disrupt but hurt people’s lives. If you find anything on your child’s social media that could be considered suspicious activity, please contact your local law enforcement agency.