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Bullying Prevention

We believe that all students have a right to a safe, secure, and healthy school environment. Our school, with support from the district and school communities, is committed to promoting an atmosphere of mutual respect, tolerance, and acceptance.

Bullying Prevention and Student Behavior Intervention Activities

Prevention and Awareness Raising Strategies 

  • Display school banners
  • Post plan on website
  • School site rules posted
  • Distribute wristbands
  • Assembly (upstream, 3 screen, assemblies)
  • Monthly CC! assemblies
  • Positive referrals
  • Poster competition for Upstander vs. Bystander to display throughout campus
  • CC! posters
  • Second step lessons
  • Too Good for Drugs lessons
  • Rules
  • Groups run by the counselor and campus chaplain
  • Support system for students targeted
  • Daily announcements
  • Develop and update S.T.O.P. plan
Intervention and Support Strategies
  • Meet with leadership and support team to discuss plan and options
  • CREW plan
  • MakerSpace in library
  • Buddy Benches
  • CC! posters
  • Second step lessons
  • Too Good for Drugs lessons
  • Recess activities
  • Noon leagues
  • Team building games at recess
  • Leadership class
  • Resource officers
Behavior Contracts
  • Noon leagues games that promote inclusion
  • Agenda item to discuss S.T.O.P. plan with staff, students, PTO, SSC, leadership, and parents
  • Review data
  • SPRIGEO, attendance, discipline, and surveys
  • Presentation on S.T.O.P. data and student survey
  • Proactive supervision (duty)
  • Expectations and S.T.O.P. presentation
  • Discuss supervision at each change of duties
  • Upstander vs. Bystander video
  • Discussion about safe classrooms
  • Staff participates in assemblies and parent nights
  • Assemblies
  • Leadership
  • Assembly games promoting teamwork
  • Buddy Benches
  • Time each week to discuss appropriate behavior regarding bullying, respect, etc.
  • Team building activities
  • Social skills groups with school psychologist and social studies
Incident Reporting
  • Character counts commendation slips
  • Assemblies
  • Parents
  • School climate surveys
  • Office referrals
  • Teacher relationship so students feel safe to tell
  • Social worker
  • Special friends
  • Individual check-ins with at risk students
  • Social worker/school psychologist
  • Website
  • Parent nights, PTO, SSC, assemblies
  • Monthly parent calendar
  • Open dialogue with teachers and parents
  • Open door with admin for parents
  • CC! assemblies
  • Positive referrals
  • School surveys
  • Teacher check in with students
  • Regular check in with at risk students