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Welcome to the online home of the Kohn Cobras, where educational excellence is “striking pride” in Tulare, California! Frank Kohn Elementary is one of ten primary schools serving kindergarten through sixth grade students in the Tulare City School District.

We invite you to take some time to browse through our new website and learn more about what we can offer your family. Be sure to check out our About Us pages, where you can discover more about the learning philosophy at Kohn. For more information on our district services, please visit our district site. As always, if you have any questions, please feel free to contact us during school hours. We look forward to serving you!

A Message from Our Principal

Dear Parents and Students:

It’s that time of year again. Time to get back into the routine of going to bed early! An early bedtime makes it easier to be up and at school on time each morning. Hopefully, you have received your “back to school” letter by now with all the important information on our teacher meet n’ greets and early dismissal times. If you did not receive a letter, please feel free to call our office, or check the calendar of events right here on our website.

As I mentioned during my summer message, there are lots of new and exciting things to look forward to this school year. One of the changes includes some teachers changing grade levels. Mrs. Munk has moved from tk to kindergarten, Mrs. Keller has moved from kindergarten to tk, Mrs. Lardner has moved from 1st grade to 2nd grade, and Mrs. Heller has moved from 3rd grade to 5th grade. We also added three new teachers to our staff which include Mrs. Jablonski and Mrs. Fagundes who will both be joining our 1st grade team, and Mrs. Copley who will be joining our 6th grade team. 

With the start of each new school year I like to remind parents that we truly appreciate when you join us as partners and involve yourself with your child’s education. One way you can do that is to join our parent and teachers organization, otherwise known as PTO. Our first PTO meeting is on August 14 at 5:00 p.m. in our teachers’ lounge. Even if you are unable to attend PTO meetings which take place once a month, we encourage you to attend our first meeting so that you can find out more ways to involve yourself throughout the school year. 

Safety is of the utmost importance to us here at Kohn School. To help ensure our students’ safety, we ask that you use extreme caution during drop off and pick-up times. Please be sure to only park in designated parking spots. Please do not park near curbs that are painted yellow, as we reserve those areas for busses. Please also do not park near curbs that are painted red, as those are indicated as “no parking” areas. Last but not least, we ask that you respect our neighbors, and be sure not to park on sidewalks or in areas that would block are neighbors in. We would greatly appreciate your support with this!

I would like to officially welcome you to the 2017-2018 school year! Don’t forget, if you ever have any questions or concerns, please be sure to contact your child’s teacher or myself as soon as those concerns arise. I look forward to another great school year here at Kohn School. Welcome back, Kohn Cobras!


Whitney Gallegos

Whitney Gallegos


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